Maja Krsmanovic

Born in Belgrade 1983.


2002-2005. Textile-technology college

Department: textile and clothing design

Title: engineer of textile and clothing design

2007-2008. I gave difference, a few exams on College for designe, technology and management in textile industry, for new degree.

Department: textile and clothing design

Title: vocational designer from area of applied art and design ( textile and clothing design )

2013-2015. Specialist vocational studies on College for designe,technology and management in textile industry

Study program: fashion management ( fashion and style)

Title: vocational designer for fashion management ( fashion and style )      

-fashion designer in fashion house “Arlekino“ , “Mona“ , "Modus"

-merchandiser and graphic designer in shop "Colours and Beauty", fashion house "Panter", shop "Retro”, fashion house “Guess” in Warsaw/Poland

-fashion stylist for: catalogues and advertisements for model agency “Art”, photo studio “Tekstil”, fashion shows on “Belgrade Fashion week”, model agency “Magic”, photo studio “Fotografikum”,  calendar for “Repromarket”  company, fashion shows for event “Magic night”,  for famous photographer from Beirut, for fashion magazines “OPPA” and “Cielo“, fashion house “Lazar Azzuro”, winner of the pageant of Serbia, Montenegro, model from Serbia for Red carpet for “Sports Illustrated“

-2010. I started with my own  “Mystical”  brand, I make clothes for orders, rent and sale

-I have worked like a teacher in creative workshop “Pero” where I was teaching children about  fashion design

-I had my mentor and my authorial  exhibition  in “Delta city” shopping center, in project “Belgrade from other angle” and many others

-2014. fashion show on manifestation “Fall into Fashion Workshop“ on Palic lake/Serbia

-2014. fashion show  on manifestation “Fashion touch a Belgrade“ in Belgrade/Serbia

-2015. fashion show on manifestation “Fall into Fashion Workshop“ in Porec/Croatia

-2015. fashion show  on manifestation “Magic night“ in Porec/Croatia

-2016. fashion show  on manifestation  “Serbia Fashion Week“  in Novi Sad/Serbia

-2017. fashion stylist for promotion of “Sports Illustrated“ magazine, for Serbian model who posed for them ( she wore costume of “Mystical” brand )

-2017. fashion designer on intership in fashion house “Guess”, in Lugano/Swiss

-2018. fashion show on manifestation "Budapest Fashion Week“ in Budapest/Hungary

-2018. fashion show for charity in organization of  "Purity academy” in Belgrade/Serbia